What Would Celina Do? Blog Tour! A Kawaii Collection ^_^

Greetings all!

It has been a busy 2014 so far!  Not only am I working extra at the brewery, but I'm scrambling to get some chibi sewing in for the newest littlen coming in early March!  Eeek!  So today I have a special treat for you all! (At least I think so ;-)

My little baby's soon to be homecoming outfit!!!  What is the full inspiration behind all this?  Well, as we create, we sometimes think of people in the field that we admire... people who shock you with how impressive their ideas are.  I have frequently asked myself:

In fact, when I made Azriella's last birthday outfit, I had Celina in my thoughts the entire time!  So when Laura decided to put together this intriguing little tour, I just had to be on it!

Often times of late, I try to multipurpose my blog tours with the big events that are coming up.  This seemed like the perfect opportunity to make my first outfit for our newest little girl: a cute little outfit, totally comfy, happy, and unique!

Let's talk about the outfit!

For starters, why did I choose a kawaii look?  Well, one of the most fantastic things about Celina (to me) is finding similarities in our handmades.  It really blows my mind because her looks are soooo put together and on the cutting edge of kids fashion.  But it's true, sometimes our styles overlap... and she has on occasion made a few kawaii creations herself!  We all know that anything anime, lolita, bright, geeky, silly, odd, japanese inspired is what my sewing style is all about.  I always seek to make an outfit fun for whomever I'm making it for.  It's important to me that I make clothes that my girls want to wear... not just because they are fashionable but because they will make them happy, proud, excited to wear.  I constantly seek their input in almost everything I sew.  

So- since I can't ask my baby what she wants since she's still in utero, I figured I'd go with something fluffy and über soft like this double minky fabric.  I made a little face out of black fleece and pink minky scraps and appliqued them to the front of the sweater dress.

Speaking of the sweater dress, the pattern is one I bought on Etsy and is so crushable.  It's a sweater dress pattern by Brindille and Twig. I completely fell in love with it. 

And, it comes in sizing from 0-3months all the way up to 5-6T which is perfect for my 2year old and teeny 6 year old!  So rarely can you find a pattern win like that!

The shoes are from a Winterpeach pattern and are the smallest things I've ever made.  They are seriously like 3" long.  

 The leggings I decided to do something a little different.  I made a reversible pair with wittle minky knee pads on both sides. 

There you have it!  A collection of teeny handmades completely inspired by one of my very favorite bloggers: Celina.  A sweet lady with and friggin sweet sense of style.  

I hope I did her justice ^_^!

I figure it's a great 'last blog tour' before baby comes, don't you?! 

Make sure to stop by Craftstorming to check out all the other lovely handmades inspired by Celina. 

And keep on stopping by while I rush to make as many chibi clothes as I can!

I can't wait for her to come in to the world!

Until then!

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