Macaron Easter dresses!

Let's talk about one of my girls' favorite desserts:

M A C A R O N S! 

The French macarons are some of the most beautiful desserts around and we love indulging in them!  I had had the notion for a while that it would be so sweet (ha!) to make a trio of delectable dresses someday.  When springtime came around, I went to my party dress pattern stash and found the Caroline Dress!  I knew I'd have to do a generous amount of planning and redrafting but it but soooo worth it in the end! 

Christmas hadn't even passed when I had my macaron epiphany!  I am addicted to making Kona Cotton color blocked dresses for the girls for special occasions and I was designing their dresses before I even finished sewing the Christmas Tangram dresses

the Caroline Party Dress re-imagined

I had the girls pick out their colors for the macaron and filling themselves and then I adapted the Caroline Dress Pattern by Mouse House Creations.  I redrafted a rounded halved bodice and then incorporated an itty bitty bias ruffle to emulate the feet on a macaron!

The color combos were so exciting to pick out!  One thing, above all else, was that I wanted to use the Kona Color of the Year: Highlight!  It's the cheeriest shade of lemon that you've ever seen!

Mitchiri Usagi Leggings. 

My foiré in custom fabric designing with My Fabric Designs!

It's only natural to become weak in the knees over the idea of designing your own fabrics, am I right?  Just the thought of getting exactly what you envisioned for a project is such a dreamy prospect!  I mentioned once for the Gracie dress I made, that I am collaborating with My Fabric Designs {affiliate link} to showcase and experiment with pattern designing via their website tool, or simple upload.  I have dabbled with various fabrics of theirs (I have SO MUCH TO SHOW YOU!) and designed a ton and wowzers has it been F U N!  I could go on and on and on about that but I have so many posts planned that I'll sprinkle my thoughts to you as I go along 😁. 

But these little bunnies were my first design with them.  I got the initial concept from my love of the Mitchiri Neko kitties (I realized in Japanese that statement is redundant, ha!), but I wanted to draw a different animals for the occasion.  Usagi means rabbit in Japanese and Mitchiri loosely means squished together.  So I started in OneNote (this was before I had Illustrator) and drew out what I thought would make a cute bunny.  I drew three different variations with six different color combinations and added in some confetti in the background and then set a very simple repeat. 

I made leggings using the Go To Patterns Leggings PDF Pattern and modified the cuffs to include stuffed bunny ears.  I love added stuffed elements to my creations anymore!

This time, I only did the upload.  I had already placed all my bunnies where I wanted them!  And don't hate too much on my drawing, I am a novice (at best) when it comes to drawing! But, I love them all the same! ❤

eating a macaron in a macaron with a macaron inside a macaron!

When you think of Easter, doesn't your mind go straight to Easter Egg Hunts?!  Tell me I'm not alone with this, folks!  Well, since mine does, I always make it a point to incorporate some hidden pockets or surprises on their dresses.

Since I wanted the macaron shape of the dress to be the main focus, I was limited as to where to hide pockets (other than the obligatory inseam pockets). 

the Macaron Purse Necklace

I came up with this idea to make an inception macaron, lol, in the form of sewn in necklaces!  Really quick to sew up, but it does require some hand-stitching. 

I lined them with more of the Mitchiri Usagi fabric and used that for the necklace cording as well!

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So! The cat's out of the bag!  I feel bad leaving that dang cat in there so long 😉!  Sheesh!

And there you have it!  My little chibis wearing their favorite desserts on one of their favorite holidays!  A post filled to the brim with macarons!  I sure had the best time making these dresses and it never gets old watching them prance around in them too!

What's your favorite holiday to sew for!  I'd love to hear about it and what plans you have for future festive sewing in the comments below!  Until next time!

hugs + stitches + many many smooches,



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